We specialise in all aspects of branding and will work collaboratively with you to deliver not just a logo but a brand that resonates with your target audience.

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Every business should become a brand. Pretzel specialises in all aspects of branding and we’re experts in connecting with your audience throughout every touchpoint within your business.

We work collaboratively with our clients to build a brand experience from the ground up, nothing is left unconsidered. We start with an extensive brand strategy to support the creation of your logo, visual identity, website, packaging and everything in between.
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When you work with Pretzel you will quickly realise, we think before we do. We get to know all there is to know about you and your business and what makes you different from everyone else, we then apply this insight into creating, redefining or evolving your brand for where it stands today.

In most cases your customers are buying into you, as much as they’re buying your product and services. This means that your digital shop front and your physical brand shapes what customer’s think of you way before you even get the chance to speak to them.

Consumers today are savvy; they have great choice in who they buy from and they often do the legwork before they arrive at your door. It’s time to realise that you very much communicate through your USPs and your design and content.

So, not only might it be time to get your brand in order – it's time to make sure your visual identity is consistent across every platform you use.

We will make your identity come to life; we know we keep saying it – but we are here to tell your story.

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We approached Pretzel, with an ambition of upping our reach and raising our profile within the press. The team did not disappoint. As a charity, with most staff working on part time hours and working remotely, we needed someone who could meet us, quickly understand us, and then independently act in our best interests. Pretzel delivered on every goal we set out and we have continued to work with them long after our initial project.
Lucy Harding, Marketing Manager at The Proud Trust

Our Branding Services

Whether you need a logo or website designing, or want help with overarching brand strategy, then you've come to the right place.

Web Design

When designing a website, it’s important for it to be branded and convey your brand's personality and value. Our team can take into account your brand strategy and guidelines to design a beautiful website that lets your customers know who you are, and what you stand for.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is how you (and your team) will build, shape, and share your brand. It’s the articulation of what your brand is and aspires to be, the purpose it serves, and how you communicate it to the world. In essence, it’s a documented plan for brand success.

Logo Design

To start any design process, we need to know and understand your business's strengths. We will think with you as well as do. We’ll go through step by step from rough sketches to mood boards until we have a concept that is then fine-tuned with your guidance until we nail your new logo.

Brand Guidelines

As well as working with you to create a cohesive brand design, we are here to make sure it stays that way once it heads out into the world. We will create clear and easy to follow guidelines with you to ensure your new brand is used in a way that upholds the aesthetic standards and keeps it looking consistent and professional.

Photography & Video

The very essence of your business and brand can be showcased in a picture or video - that’s why we offer this as a service. Sometimes words need to be accompanied or it simply just can’t be said in copy. Photography and video are a force that can actively support your business in a way no other tactic can.

Reputation Management

What people say about you is probably the single biggest influence on your business's success. In today’s world, online reputation management is essential – we work to make sure everything consumer’s see online and in print helps builds a positive perception.

Case Studies

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