What you’ll quickly learn, is everyone in team Pretzel lives and breathes the marketing world and we have the best time doing it! We’re not shy and retiring, but you wouldn’t expect us to be. We’re a bunch of clever, creative, analytical and, most importantly, hard-working experts that deliver strategically integrated PR, digital and social media campaigns for our clients.

We look beyond the traditional ‘target audience’ archetypes and connect with people by understanding what they really care about. We call this the Pretzel approach. We believe that there is no difference in the application of this approach from the smallest B2C organisation to a large scale B2B empire. We ensure every campaign has more bite and will deliver return on investment for our clients.

If you asked any of the brands we work with, they would say we’re pretty darn different and that makes us happy!

Our Team

John Butcher

When it comes to digital marketing, JB has seen it all! He has worked his entire digital career across both B2B and B2C clients with successful campaigns implemented for FTSE 100 clients.

Josh Tournier

Josh is a dedicated tech-savvy individual with an eye for detail. His background and passion within the consumer tech market ensures he’s up-to-date with everything going on in the digital world.

Cat Tomalin

Cat is the glue that holds the agency together - not only does she manage procedures, services and clients - she also manages our media relations.

Ellie Belfield

Ellie injects a little creative flair into everything she does, her knowledge of the traditional, digital and social media landscape is enviable. From beauty to more technical trade services, Els has a way with not only words but graphics, video and photography.

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